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Does Dr. Thomas accept insurance?

Yes, Dr. Thomas and Northeast Hand Specialists currently accept (although not necessarily in-network) the following insurance plans:

  • GHI
  • Aetna
  • Cigna
  • Oxford
  • 1199SEIU
  • Magnacare
  • The Empire Plan
  • United Health Care
  • Tricare/CHAMPUS
  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield (BCBS)

Does the practice work with “out of network” providers?

We are currently “out of network” providers for many insurance carriers.  If you have “out of network” benefits and have met your policy’s deductible, we will help you bill your insurance company.  Additionally, we have been able to obtain “special permission” to see patients out of network.  Please check with your benefits administrator or your insurance company regarding the specifics of your policy.  Alternatively, you may fax a copy of the front and back of your insurance card to 845-357-3574, and we will check your benefits for you.

You may also pay Northeast Hand Specialists for your office visit, and we will help you seek reimbursement from your insurance carrier if applicable.

What should I bring with me to the appointment?
Please bring your insurance information, a picture ID such as your driver’s license, previous medical records, imaging studies such as X-rays, CT scans and MRI’s, –traditional X-rays or a disc with your images on it–  EMG/NCVs (nerve tests), operative notes, office notes, consultations and anything else you feel might be relevant to your situation.  You may wish to bring a book or laptop; appointments may be delayed by emergencies and other such circumstances.

Do you see patients under Federal Worker’s Compensation?
Under special circumstances; please have your claim’s manager call the office.

Do you see patients under out-of-state Worker’s Compensation?
Under special circumstances; please have your claim’s manager call the office.

What about New York State Worker’s Compensation claims?
In general, when Dr. Thomas is involved in the care of a patient under a Worker’s Compensation claim, he will not be the “Attending Physician” unless surgery is authorized and/or performed.  The offices of Northeast Hand Specialists do not open claims, re-open claims, add-on-to claims, file appeals or manage chronic disability.

If you have a nurse case manager assigned to your case, please ask him or her to contact the office to schedule an appointment. Our role is to identify your diagnosis and treat you based upon specific anatomic and technical principles rather than assume an administrative role.

I need some forms signed by the doctor…,” what is the process?
Please submit your forms at least 72 hours before you need them.  Some forms require only a signature; however, others are complex and require substantially more time to complete.  Prepayment of a nominal fee may be required for some forms.

If I need an operation, who does the actual surgery?
Dr. Thomas performs your surgery.  If hand surgery fellows, surgeons-in-training, medical students or other physicians request to be present in the operating room, we will ask your permission in advance.  After surgery, you will continue to be cared for directly by Dr. Thomas.  There are no “physician extenders” such as Physician Assistants (PA’s) or Nurse Practitioners (ARNP’s) in the office at this time.

Does Dr. Thomas perform “minimally invasive” surgery?
Yes.  Dr. Thomas was at the forefront of small joint arthroscopy early in his career.  He routinely performs finger, thumb and wrist arthroscopy, endoscopic nerve/carpal tunnel release, needle aponeurotomy and other minimally invasive procedures, when medically appropriate.

Do I need surgery?
Not all problems treated by a hand surgeon need surgery.  Hand surgeons often recommend nonsurgical treatments, such as medications, splints, therapy or injections.